I live in the San Francisco Bay area and am passionate about the outdoors and photography. While I find beauty and exciting subject matter in many outdoor settings and pursuits, my favorite outdoor subject is fly fishing. That dynamic world is inhabited by people doing graceful things in beautiful places and expressing their emotions in very compelling ways.

My eye wanders constantly in search of great subject matter, but I find myself consistently drawn to particular subjects -- clouds, dramatic skies, water, soft winter light, vibrant colors, patterns, and isolated objects of beauty.

My journey through the world of photography has evolved from black-and-white to large format photography and a wet darkroom to the color photography and DSLR's. I use a Canon 5D Mark II and Olympus OM-D, with lenses ranging from 17mm to 200mm, including a fisheye.

In addition to my own work, I have partnered with a talented friend, Kirston Koths, to establish Shooting Line Productions (shootinglineproductions.com), which specializes in multimedia productions in the areas of fly fishing and conservation.

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